Critter Guard Installation

Did you know that damage to your solar system caused by animals isn’t covered under any standard contractor warranty? Get protected with our bird proofing systems.

Pigeon proof your solar system

Uninvited guests can wreak havoc on your panels and your system’s wiring. Pests may try to burrow
underneath panels and live there. Or outside factors like weather can cause leaves to pile up
underneath and cause a potential fire hazard or more commonly roof rot.





Prevent Damage

Specially made long lasting wire mesh protects your system.

Pigeons, and other animals nesting on your roof or under your solar panels increase dirt accumulation and soiling. Installing a barrier around the perimeter of your solar array will protect your wires and keep this area clean..

Damage to your solar system caused by animals living on your roof isn’t covered under any standard contractor warranty. Avoid unwanted repair costs with critter guard. Installation is quick and affordable. This product only needs to be installed once and you’re protected.

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Product Details

1. Professional Installation

Scheduling and installation of solar trim mesh is quick and easy. The product is installed around the edges of your solar panels to serve as a protective barrier.

2. Lasting Protection

The material is a custom made wire mesh that is dipped in a weather resistant coating fassened by clips that adhere to the underbelly of the panels. This pigeon proofing system looks good and protects your PV system.

3. Appealing Look

Pigeon proofing can be a smart investment for your solar array, as it prevents potentially large damages to your panels while maintaining a clean aesthetic for your roof.

3. Quality Products

To defend against damage from animals and the buildup of leaves, we offer a variety of products designed specifically for this type of installation. If you have a unique situation give us a call and we can discuss your options.