residential solar panel cleaning

The good thing about switching to solar panels is that your energy consumption is fairly off the grid. You no longer depend on the energy resources that you used to, and your energy cost is likely down (or will be down overall once you’ve paid off your solar panels) and you’re living fairly independently. The only drawback to owning solar panels is that they need to be cleaned regularly, but what “regularly” means can vary based on where you live and what sorts of elements your panels are exposed to on a regular basis.

The good news is that in most scenarios, regular solar panel cleaning means only once every few years (or more frequently if you live in places that get a lot of extreme weather). Here are some tips for how to tell when it’s time to get your panels cleaned, as well as what to do when you’ve decided that you need to get a cleaning:

Communicate with your solar panel manufacturer.

When you get your solar panels installed, or if you’ve moved into a home that has them installed already, the manufacturer likely left information on how often they recommend that you get them cleaned or serviced. If you’re unsure how often to get it done, start with checking for that information with the manufacturer directly because they can also point you in the right direction on where to find cleaning services as well.

Take a look yourself

If you suspect that your solar panels need to be cleaned—like maybe they’re not working like they used to or it’s just been awhile—the easiest way to check is to simply take a look at them yourself. If there is a layer of dirt on your panels, odds are high that you need to get them cleaned. Be careful not to touch the panels or interfere with them as to avoid losing your warranty—which can easily happen if you try to clean them yourself but don’t know how.

Speak with local services.

Aside from the manufacturer, the best resource for finding out suggestions, tips and recommendations on how to keep your panels clean or how often you need to clean your panels will come from local services in the Escondido area. These services are experienced in handling solar panel cleaning in your climate, and can be a valuable resource for maintaining their integrity for years to come.

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