solar panel cleaning in san diego

Importance of Cleaning Solar Panels

If you need to clean your solar panels, The Solar cleaners in San Diego are experts in Solar Panel Cleaning and can handle all of your solar panel maintenance requirements in one location. “The solar cleaners” ensure that your solar panels are performing at their optimum. To keep your solar panels ideal and run as they should, clean them, check system output rates, and maintain your equipment.

Why you need clean Solar panels 

Solar panels that are dirty can create a variety of problems, including system failure. Cleaning is required more frequently in some setups than in others. 

Benefits of cleaning solar panel  

  • Cleaning your panels will improve their overall efficiency. This efficiency and performance gain can be considerable.

  • Proper maintenance is a warranty condition for many solar panel installation businesses and manufacturers. If there is no confirmation of frequent cleaning, the warranty may be voided. As a result, regular cleaning is essential if you want to be safe in the event that something goes wrong.

  • There is a lot of soft fine sand, dust, and trash in the environment nowadays. When you don’t clean your solar panels on a regular schedule, these will eventually build up and add to wear and tear. While it may not be noticeable at first, the efficiency of your panels will deteriorate over time, and you risk having equipment that fails significantly sooner.

  • Likewise to how crucial it is to keep the rest of your house clean, it is as critical to maintain and clean your solar panels regularly. This kind of upkeep will make your property more desirable to you and your visitors in terms of aesthetics.

Selecting the best solar panel cleaning service 

Choosing “The Solar Cleaners” will ensure that you have the correct gear for the job, which is especially crucial when it comes to solar panel cleaning. As industry pioneers, we have contributed to the development of some of the best solar panel cleaning equipment. Solar panels should only be cleaned with spinning brush systems. Solar panels now collect dust, bird droppings, and other impurities in the air that do not wash away with the infrequent rain. “The Solar Cleaners” use specialized equipment and purified water to ensure that solar panels produce the maximum amount of energy possible and we are properly insured and professionally trained. 


The Solar cleaners in San Diego are quite affordable, with a first-time cleaning of solar panels costing only $140.00. This estimate is for a single-story home with no more than 20 panels in one area. Additional charges apply to second-story homes and panel arrays that are difficult to reach. Pricing for multiple arrays and locations, such as on different levels, is also available. We also offer a subscription model for cleaning solar panels.

With over 12 years of expertise cleaning and monitoring solar panels in San Diego, we are familiar with every solar panel and inverter manufacturer. We can preserve your investment in everything from string to microinverter systems.

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