Solar panels need to be maintained. We are here to provide you with that service.

Our Services

We offer a variety of service options to keep your solar panels protected and performing at their peak all year long.


Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirt, bird droppings and other airborne contaminants will effect the production rates of your solar panels. Our technicians use specialized hydro-powered brushes that get your panels producing like they were clean and new again.


Critter Guard Installation

Birds, and other rodents living on your roof or around your solar panels increase nesting and soiling. The installation of critter guard around the edge of your system makes it a less desirable living area for animals of all kinds.


System Monitoring

Our 3rd party software will allow us to monitor your systems production so that we are able to inform you of when your cleanings are needed. Keeping your solar system operating at its peak.

There are many reasons of solar panel cleaning, but the most important is the payback you receive from maintaining the highest efficiency possible by keeping solar modules free of dirt & debris.

Critter Guard Installation

Stop unwanted guests from nesting on your property

Uninvited guests can wreak havoc on your panels and your system’s wiring. Pests may try to burrow underneath panels and live there. Or outside factors like weather can cause leaves to pile up underneath and cause a potential fire hazard. This damage caused by animals or debris is not covered by your usual contractors warranty. Get protected now.

Our Working Process



Let’s discus your needs. Generally a quick phone call will take place and we will figure out what will work best for you.



You will receive a bid with a detailed description of our services. Accepting and scheduling is as simple as clicking on a button in your email.



Our services are generally scheduled within a week or two of contact. We are very flexible and can accommodate your needs.


Insurance coverage

We know you have many options to chose from. We are fully insured and provide proof of liability and workers comp upon request. Be sure all your contractors are able to do the same.

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