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Solar panels can be extremely cost effective when it comes to your energy bill, but there are responsibilities that come with keeping them clean and operating as best as possible. In some situations you may want to hire a company that will handle any solar panel cleaning in Carlsbad that you might need. Read on to find out when it might be time to get your solar panels cleaned, and why you should consider hiring a professional rather than doing it yourself.

When might it be time to clean your solar panels?

Every area is different, and we say that because the natural elements in your area are going to be the biggest factor in identifying how often or when you should get your solar panels cleaned. Places that get a lot of snow, for example, might need to be cleaned more often or need heating elements installed to keep them clear in the winter. Places in the desert, such as the American Southwest, might need to be cleaned just as often as snowy areas because they’re exposed to desert dust and wind storms but have little rain to rinse the dust off.

In Carlsbad we generally recommend getting your solar panels cleaned every couple of years to make sure that any debris, dust or bird droppings are removed. Solar panels in coastal areas with moderate climates such as in San Diego probably need to be cleaned less often, but they’ll still see a build up of dirt and debris over time. If you notice that your solar panels are working less optimally than they used to, cleaning them could restore them to their full capacity in just a short period of time.

Why should you hire professional services to clean your solar panels?

We get this question often, and the truth is that while you could clean your solar panels on your own there are a lot of risks beyond your own personal safety. Professional solar panel cleaning services are experienced in cleaning solar panels in a way that will not compromise their structure or electrical components. While there is only a chance that cleaning your solar panels on your own could break them, doing so could void the warranty from the solar panel manufacturer. This might compromise your ability to get your panels fixed in the future in case anything were to happen, so we don’t recommend approaching the project on your own.

Solar panel cleaning is a small responsibility in the grand scheme of what you get in return from switching to solar power overall. The Carlsbad area is a great place to have solar power panels on your home or business because the moderate coastal climate means that we’re very rarely exposed to extreme weather that could cause damage to or cover your solar panels in debris. This makes the responsibility of keeping your solar panels clean and working optimally minimal, as we suggest that you only have them cleaned once every couple of years—or as needed.

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