Solar cleaning services

One of the biggest perks to getting solar panels is the reduced cost on electricity and heating that you’ll have in your home, and the ability to contribute to a positive environmental approach in your own everyday life. The benefits to getting solar panels installed on your home are endless, but they do come with their own responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is regular solar panel cleaning, and we’ll describe everything you need to know about why solar panel cleaning on your Rancho Santa Fe solar panels is so important:

Why clean them?

Cleaning your solar panels regularly assures that they’re working at their maximum potential every day. When solar panels get dusty or get covered with debris, it makes their absorption ability less effective. This could end up costing you if you feel like you’re not getting as much out of your solar panels as you thought you would—but luckily it’s a pretty quick and easy fix.

How often should you clean them?

How often you should have your solar panels cleaned depends greatly on where you live and what kind of weather you face in your area. The good thing about the coastal Southern California area—particularly around Rancho Santa Fe, is that you won’t face inclement weather very often and the climate tends to stay the same no matter the season. In places that see heavy rain or snow fall, or experience desert dust from high winds in desert areas, having solar panels cleaned more often makes more sense. For this area, we’d recommend at least once every two years, but really once a year.

Great, so can I clean my solar panels myself?

While you can clean your solar panels yourself, we highly recommend working with a professional service experienced in cleaning solar panels in the Rancho Santa Fe area. This is because your panels are easily prone to damage if someone inexperienced in cleaning them attempts to do so. It could mean that the warranty on your solar panels becomes void if you damage them from attempting to clean them on your own.

The best way to assure your panels are handled with care is to hire a company endorsed by the panel manufacturer itself, which is something you can find by calling the manufacturer or even looking online to find a solar panel cleaning service in your area that is endorsed by the manufacturer of your panels.

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