Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide our clients with a quality of service we believe no other team can match.

Do Solar Panels need to be cleaned ?

Dirty solar panels can cause many performance issues and lead to a system failure. Some installations require more cleanings than others.

solar clean

Maximize Efficiency

Keeping your panels free and clear of dirt and debris will allow your solar panels to absorb the maximum sunlight available.

Keep Bills Low

Increased efficiency = lower bills. More of your monthly needs are covered by your production.

Solar Production

Do you know how much your system is producing ? We will provide you with a system production verification.

Solar Shading

Shading is a leading cause of production loss, which can lead to thousands of dollars lost annually.

Solar System Education

Have you bought a new home with a solar system ? We are here to introduce you to all of your systems components and explain to you how everything works.

Minimize Downtime

If we catch an issue with your system, we can give you a quote to get it fixed in a timely manner.

You Can Spot the Difference

Our technicians use advanced tools and cleaning techniques to rid panels of dirt & debris so they can absorb the maximum amount of UV rays.


Premium Service at a Great Price

The Solar Cleaners invests the time and money in solar cleaning to ensure we have the best tools at our disposal
to serve our client base of customers.

Solar system monitoring

Only Filtered Water Used

Because hard water can cause calcium build up on panels, our maintenance team only uses filtered water on every panel cleaning job.

professional solar cleaners

trained Technicians On Every Job

Why would you call a window washer to clean your panels when our techs are experienced, solar professionals trained to identify issues many issues.

high quality solar cleaning

Hydro-powered Cleaning Tools

Our specialized solar cleaning brushes get your panels shining like they were new.